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Teaching methods 

Improving your Mongolian, your ability to speak and understand spoken Mongolian, is important to us and our friendly and helpful teachers are fucused on reaching your specific goals.  

We are using different books and programs which vary from 2 weeks to two years, depending on the available time of our students and to which level and for which purpose our students want to learn the Mongolian language.  We are using the Communicative Method and provide our lessons to individuals and small groups (2-4 persons) to maximize the results. During a lesson you will spend time studying structures, vocabulary and different expressions, but there is also time for the improvement of speaking and listening skills. During all our programs we introduce aspects of the Mongolian culture.

How to learn the Mongolian language
Learning through speaking is called the Communicative Method and with us you will always follow a Communicative Method syllabus working on all your Mongolian language skills. You will participate in classroom discussions, work in small groups, in pairs or individually. You will practise your Mongolian pronounciation, intonation and accent.
Your lessons will be topic based focusing on various issues from current affairs to everyday issues. Your professional and friendly teachers will expand on lesson topics helping you to increase your vocabulary, work on your grammar, improve your sentence construction and allow you to express yourself in the correct way.

Great Nationality Mix
We know that most students don’t want too many students from their own country in their class. That’s the reason why we are carefully mixing nationalities. We also organize cultural events for our students so on your course you can be sure of meeting people from all over the world.

Course Certificate
On your last day in school you will be given your language course Certificate of Study. This is proof that you have successfully completed a Mongolian Language Course.

Professional Teachers

Our teachers have accumulated 20 years of experience of teaching Mongolian language and introducing our history and culture to many individuals, scholars and experts from abroad working in Mongolia. Those include employees from JCS, VSO, Talent Ministry International Korea, YMCA, CAMA from USA, Swiss Agency for Development, USA Embassy, Embassy of South Korea, Vatican Representative office, German Development Program, World Vision Mongolia, Yonsei Hospital, USA Development Agency, Norwegian Lutheran Mission Mongolia, U.S. Agency for International Development, FLOM, University of Southern California, Arizona State University, Oyu Tolgoi, Korea International Cooperation Agency, … etc.

Books and syllabus weuse
We are using different books and syllabus for the different levels and goals of our students. The books “My first Mongolian book”, by Oyunchimeg Surenkhor, 2015, “AБВ” Mongolian languge for Beginners – for foreigners” by T.Tsermaa, Ts.Tserenchimeg, Kh.Bayasmaa, 2008 and “Cain baina yy?” by L. Tserentjynt and Sharon Luently, 2009 are used for the improvement of speaking, listening, writing and reading skills.

For specific work or freetime related goals our teachers can prepare lessons on any topic the student wants. For the improvement on vocabulary in bussiness for example we use the book “Business language book “, volumes 1-3, written by Bat-Ireedui, Uranchimeg, Bayarmaa.

Students testimonial


"My name is Christina. I feel like I am learning Mongolian how it is actually spoken and not from a textbook. It has only six weeks, but outside of class I am hearing and understanding phrases that I could not have learned from a book. My teachers are teaching me vocabulary and phrases that I can use on a daily basis."

"My name is Erik. I found it is very important to have a male teacher to explain the Mongolian language from a “man’s” point of view. After studying a year at another school that focused solely on text books, this has been a refreshing and beneficial change."

"My name is Yemsun. Having experienced teachers and their insight of foreign students’ need while roviding description for Mongolian culture and history helps us understand Mongolian language far better."