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General Programs
Our programs for foreign students vary from two weeks to two years. The courses for two weeks, one month and 3 months are designed to teach Beginners and Intermediate level students. The results depend on the amount of hours per week a student has available to attend the courses. One year and two year courses are designed for Advanced and Post advanced level and require at least 20 contact hours and 20 study hours per week to reach the expected results. The contact hours, which are 45 minutes, vary from 3 x 2 hours to 5 x 4 hours per week.However, based on a student’s request, we are able to provide a program on different terms to meet the specific needs and possibilities of a student. Application forms can be downloaded from below.

We offer the programs to individuals as well as groups. Our groups are usually quite small (only about 2 or 8 students) but we have a maximum class size of 12 so that you can be sure you will get a lot of personal attention.

Special programs

For companies and their employees we offer special programs and also in-company courses. Organizations which are interested in these kind of programs can phone the director of the SodonChimee Mongolian Language Center, Mrs. Tserenchimeg and make an appointment to discuss the needs and opportunities.

We are preparing a special program for Mongolian children who were born and raised abroad and did not have a good opportunity to learn their native language. These children are mostly going to international schools, following the regular education program and do not have a lot of time to catch up with their Mongolian language skills during the school period. Our learning center is preparing “summer vacuum classes” for this target group, we plan to give on a location in a country site environment.

For our students we organize special lessons in old Mongolian script calligraphy, they can attend on Fridays or Saturdays. We also organize a special cultural event every month during the school season.

GeneralProgram costs

The programs are offered to individual students against 15.000 MNT per contact hour, which is 45 minutes. The costs per student for small group courses, 2-4 persons in a group, are 10.000 MNT per contact hour. For company trainings we have special rates. The Center also offers rehearsal courses for Intermediate and Advanced level students in groups of 5-6 or 7-8 students. The costs per contact hour per student depend on the amount of students in the group. The costs for 5-6 students per group are 8.000 MNT per student per contact hour and for groups with 7-8 students 6.000 MNT per student per contact hour.

Language Skillstests
At the beginning of a midterm and long term program students will be tested for their level on the four different language skills; speaking, writing, listening and reading. During the program they will be tested on these skills to measure progress. Short term program students can be tested on request. All students will receive a certificateat the end of their stay with us

Learning Schedules

Students who want to start to learn the Mongolian language can in general start in the week after their application, more or less depending on their available time and the availability of a teacher. We plan the hours together with the new student. When a new student wants to study in a group we try to match with other individual students. Through this mix and the mutual cultural events our students meet people of many different countries and often develop friendships.

Students who want to come to Mongolia for a full scholarship of 1 or 2 years can basically start before the 1st of October or the 1st of February of any year. If you are a genuine student wishing to do a full time language course with us we are able to issue you with a registration letter after you have registered on a course. This letter may or may not help your student visa application.We are registered on "The Register of Education and Training Providers" but please note that this does NOT guarantee that you will get a visa to study in the Mongolia. We are NOT able to give advice on how to get a visa or to help prospective students complete application forms other than in sections where we are obliged to do so. Our Language Center can help with information and find an accommodation. For more information you can download the application form below or contact us.

Content of the programs

All programs are based on the methodology of Communicative learning using different books and syllabus. Beginners start with the alphabet and build their vocabulary and speaking, listening, writing and reading skills through daily live issues, which we call the “survival course”. Based on the goals and needs of students we extend the program with specific work or free time related vocabulary and communication skills.Elective option content will depend upon your level, but may include Vocabulary, Current Affairs, Local Culture or Mongolian Language for Business. Mongolian Language for Business electives may include subjects such as communication in the workplace, participation in meetings, writing skills in business situations and interview techniques.

We use books and syllabus, but also movies to enhance students’ vocabulary. After watching a movie or drama students will be divided into groups and will answer questions while practicing their conversational skills.

Besides implementing the Mongolian language programs we organize culture, history and traditions toursfor our students.While admiring beauty of the Mongolian nature and exploring Nomadic lifestyle
students will be introduced to the history of Mongolia, the culture and traditions. The Center also organizesa presentation of Mongolia by DVD, blitz question and answer contests “Who knows Mongolia Best?”, introductory lessons on Old Mongolian script, national instruments, classic art and games according to student’s requests.





Students testimonial


"My name is Christina. I feel like I am learning Mongolian how it is actually spoken and not from a textbook. It has only six weeks, but outside of class I am hearing and understanding phrases that I could not have learned from a book. My teachers are teaching me vocabulary and phrases that I can use on a daily basis."

"My name is Erik. I found it is very important to have a male teacher to explain the Mongolian language from a “man’s” point of view. After studying a year at another school that focused solely on text books, this has been a refreshing and beneficial change."

"My name is Yemsun. Having experienced teachers and their insight of foreign students’ need while roviding description for Mongolian culture and history helps us understand Mongolian language far better."